Adore Bi-Tone Yellow

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing the Adore Bi-Tone Yellow contact lenses and the Solotica Natural Colors ‘Mel’ contact lenses. In this video, I compare the price, color selections, comfortability, and would I repurchase lenses from both companies. I have to be honest and say that I don’t “love” the Solotica Natural Colors ‘Mel’ contacts simply because I find that they dont look realistic and actually look pixelated up close. They even look kinda pixelated when in natural room lighting and in photos. However, they look BEAUTIFUL in the sunlight. They look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Just look at the pictures that I took and see for yourself. They are more on the greenish side and they have a lime-green center. They have a slight limbal ring along the edges and Im not particularly a fan of the limbal ring. The only ones that I like the limbal ring on is the Natural Colors ‘Ocre’. As you all know, those are my FAVORITE lenses and the limbal ring doesn’t look too noticeable. I absolutely love the doll-eyed effect that they give my eyes.

Adore Contact Lenses

As for the Adore Bi-Tone Yellow contact lenses, those are my SECOND FAVORITE lenses. They are so pretty and while they look alittle pixelated up close, they look so beautiful in the natural sunlight. They are more of a muted green (not so bold and bright like the Solotica Natural Colors ‘Mel’), but look just as beautiful especially in the natural sunlight. In room lighting, they look just fine. I love the Adore contact lenses Bi Tone collection since it is a more natural collection and I love how natural they look as opposed to their other collections.

How Many Grams Of Carbs Per Day

Carbs are so delicious. But how many carbs can per day and still lose weight. That is the topic of this video. And if you stay will me till the end, you will learn 1 mistake that everyone makes and how to fix it.
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How Many Grams Of Carbs Per Day

Hi, your coach Niko is here. 8 years ago I lost over 65 lb.

It was a tough journey. I made lots of mistakes. The key lesson I learned is that what you eat matters more than how much you exercise. This discovery inspired me to create a channel with effective tips and delicious recipes so you can eat healthy, get fit and feel amazing. Let’s go back to the carbs.

I learned, the hard way that when I eat too many carbs my weight goes up and when I don’t eat any carbs my energy goes down. Have you ever experienced that. That happening because our body needs the right amount of carbs daily so it can function properly.


A transplant from Calgary, AB 24 year old Dkay has been making music since the age of 12 and has since been able to hone in on his talents which helped mold him into Vancouver’s main hip hop icon. A natural born performer, Dkay’s stage presence is noted for his high level of engagement and attractive aesthetic which has secured him spots opening for notable acts like YG, Tory Lanez and Travis Scott. His music is characteristically inspired by southern R and B and Rap, and smoothly blurs sweet melodies with heavy 808 bass, percussion, and instrumental components. Introspective bars backed by enticing melodies quickly make his releases overwhelming crowd favorites. As a self produced artist, Dkay can convey his true vision for each song. Following the formation of the Leftside brand in 2016 which Dkay currently leads with partner Keyon Slowly. The Leftside collective is a group of creatives whose goal is to promote urban Vancouver culture through the collaboration of Fashion, Music and Film. The release of Dkay’s hit singles “Dáme” and “Westhill” come at a career defining moment for both Dkay and Leftside, as Dkay’s upcoming EP marks their collaborative introduction to the international music market. Dkay’s debut EP Rudeboy is set to be released in the second week of September of the 2017 calendar year. Check out Dkay’s music at Noisey and Complex.


Ahead of his country wide “Rudeboy Tour”, the rise of Dkay is becoming difficult to ignore. Underscoring catchy melodies with clever wordplay, the rapper’s unique style has catapulted him to the forefront of Vancouver’s hip hop scene. Opening for major artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Tory Lanez and YG; his following has grown tremendously in the past 2 years. And while he expands his reach across the border, he has already begun catching the ears of major labels such as Cash Money.

Dkay explains. “I love that Vancouver has so many opportunities, and so many friendly people. I think my biggest obstacles are internal, but I needed to live in a landscape that motivates me to push past those obstacles.”

As they branch out into different ventures, Leftside Dkay Associate has continued to build upon a multi faceted identity that has allowed them to also partner with mixed drink producer, Nude Vodka.

Asked what he feels Leftside represents, Dkay responds, “Leftside represents love, unity, and positivity. Every person involved in this movement are supporting because their mind and heart are aligned with one or more of those things. Leftside also represents the amazing city where it all begins.”

“Vancouver is an inspiration. When I moved to the city, I was blown away by it’s beauty. I had no clue that I didn’t have to leave Canada to find paradise,” he says.

Dkay’s “Rudeboy Tour” will see him stop in 9 different Canadian cities with multiple showings in Toronto as well as Vancouver.

Color Correcting Skin

One of the most FREQUENTLY asked questions I get revolves around redness and dark circles. Color correction is a GREAT way to cover up those pesky issues, so I wanted to give y’all a tutorial on color correction. I don’t use color correcting every day, but I will spot treat on redness and if I do have dark circles that are a bit too much – I will correct them! Check out this video giving you all the answers to what color correction is, how the colors work and how to apply it!

Color Correction Tutorial Fix Dark Circles and Redness

A Warm and Sincere Voice for Your Voice Over For Your Production

Hi, I’m Pete! Just in $15 I will record up to 150 words from my professional studio in 48 hours or LESS!

** Each additional 150 words is only $15 more. When ordering, simply enter the number of words required and the price is automatically adjusted. Or simply contact me to discuss and I will be happy to create a custom quote for you!

My goal is to always deliver the BEST customer service and the highest quality voice over for your project. You can rely on me to deliver excellent results promptly.


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The Weeknd’s new Girlfriend Bianca Anchieta in Kresnt’s D.Y.D. Music Video

The Weeknd, who was recently spotted with Bella Hadid in Paris, seems to have a knack for going under the radar during a breakup.

However, his recent project My Dear Melancholy, spilled his feelings for his ex Selena Gomez, we have come to discover that Abel has been taking advantage of the single life to meet Brazilian Model Bianca Anchieta. Bianca and the multi-platinum artist were spotted in a Japanese restaurant and later she was seen with him in a mansion that Abel rented in the Botanical Garden.

According to columnist Leo Dias, of the daily O Dia, the model has made numerous Instagram Stories in the mansion.

Recently, Bianca has teamed up with Vancouver-Based Rapper/Singer Kresnt to present a Sexy, flirty Music Video Directed by Raphael “Zectrix” Regis and DOP Paolo Altruda from TiV Productions. The Music Production of “D.Y.D” came from Kresnt’s long time Producer and Engineer 40K; who was one of the masterminds’ behind Kresnt’s latest project as well. As a singer, songwriter, 40K also appears on “On the Line” from “The Lunar Phase” EP.

Kresnt has been on a roll with his last video reaching over a million youtube views, this melodic single contains the recipe for another viral smash.

Watch Kresnts D.Y.D Music Video Below

The Weeknd



Bianca Anchieta:

How To Pick Bronzer Shades

In today’s video, I discussing how to be wearing bronzer and blush together. This is a common question I get, as well as how to pick shades of bronzer and blush. I also get questions on how to apply bronzer and then layer your blush on top so that both blend together nicely. I go over some ironclad ways to pick shades and did a demo of how to apply bronzer and layer blush. I hope this video helps you out if these are concerns and questions you have had about wearing bronzer and blush together!

Picking Shades Of Blush

Business Loans

Small business set up loans to help you grow your business. An unsecured small business loan can give your company the financial”increase” it needs to grow, buy product. Or hire employees. Envision the possibilities! But wanting an unsecured small business loan and getting one are two very different things. An unsecured loan usually include extremely great interest rates, terms and fees. But so as to qualify for these loans, you generally need to have above average credit. A lot of set up business owners are under the misconception that they may apply for an unsecured small business loan under their new business federal id. But that’s not correct. Unsecured financing can be very risky. A bank won’t want to take the risk on a new business unless the company owner has excellent credit and supplies a PERSONAL guarantee.

What if you’ve got terrible credit?

Well there are companies that can give you an unsecured small business loan, but it’s going to be at a MUCH higher rate than somebody with good credit.Entrepreneurs, who don’t have collateral to supply, find unsecured small business loans a good choice, which help them expand their business to new horizons. They are just required to make regular payments into the creditor with no apprehension of their business assets being repossessed by the lending company in case of defaults. At the exact same time, small businessmen who opt for unsecured small business loans need to be ready to pay a bit higher interest as compared to other credit choices. However, interest rates may fluctuate depending upon the credit history of the businessmen.

When applying for your loan, be sure you figure out the needs of the lending bank. Do they need a business plan? Is it 100 percent credit driven? Can they work with a brand new set up or do they require some time in business?

Your goal is to earn the lender feel like your loan request is relatively safe. They won’t have any security to fall back on. For those who have bad credit, you may want to have someone with good credit cosign for you personally. These factors go a long way in shaping the success of the loan proposal. A excellent loan proposal should convince the lender that this loan, against all likelihood, will be paid back fully. There’s an extremely high percentage of set up company defaults. Mainly because so many creditors are leery of committing money to another venture. You will need to stick out in a fantastic way.

Applying for the actual loan is relatively easy and fast. Its generally a 1 page application and a few pages on what kind of business you’re running. Approval times are also extremely fast. Usually within 3 days of the loan submission.